2015 DeMarini Voodoo Overlord ft

Quick Specs

  • Mine is a 32in/-3
  • Half and half
  • x12 alloy
  • Top-heavy

Now to the review

So I’m gonna say it quick for all you people online right now about to pay, it’s a good bat.  Listen, DeMarini is known for the top-heavy bats, it’s just its thing you know?  Some people hate top-heavy (which this one is like a medium in top-heaviness).  The only disadvantage is the little dip you get when you don’t compensate for the heaviness.

I like how contact with the ball really feels like you’re pushing it.  It’s like a heavy feeling that is smooth, but sharp at the same time.  Basically, the whole barrel is a sweet spot, but everything else… is not.


Here’s the bad part… In the pictures, you can see the skinny other half sticking out of the red barrel, and that’s where it stings (like most bats).  This bat is easy to get jammed, but good for outside, low, and middle.

It feels really nice in your hands, fits just right.  Everyone wanted to use this baby because of the feel (and the cool ass design on it).

Paint chips off a bit but that’s really no big deal.

I’ve used it for a couple seasons and the tape wore down jussssttt a bit. It really isn’t that bad considering how many swings were taken.  Oh, another thing about the tape is when it rains or gets wet, it’s really slippery and you have to watch out for that

My overall score of this bat is 7/10.  It’s a nice ax that feels like you’re shooting a rocket every hit, but the tape is poor on this bat and if you get a heater inside you can forget about it (unless you’re good with that stuff).

Here’s the link to the bat on Amazon. I definitely recommend it!

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