Dodgers Win with 3 Consecutive HRs in the Bottom Ninth

This was a first for me if I might add.  This was probably their highlight of the season!

What happened you might ask? Well if you looked at the title you might know but the Dodgers did the impossible last night (4/29/17).

It was the bottom of the ninth, Dodgers were down 5-3, Yasiel Puig is up at bat with the count 3-2 on him.  Inside fastball and smacks it a million miles, I mean this guy’s crazy.

After him it was Cody Bellinger who swings first pitch and drives this ball into the foul pole, bouncing off and staying fair.. HOMERUN! Just know that this is only his second career homer and it was one to never forget.  Now the Dodgers are only down one in the bottom of the ninth.

Justin Turner creams the tying HR in the bottom of the 9th 

No outs, crowd is screaming at the top of their lungs in what seems to be a rally, and Justin Turner then comes up with pressure on him.  The last two at-bats are a tough act to follow but he keeps his cool.  First pitch is a swing and a miss, and the energy is dying rapidly.  Turner then says that can’t happen and turns on the next pitch.  The whole stadium is going crazy at this point, I mean I heard them all the way in Jersey!

With no outs this was then how the Dodgers won this fight last night.  These boys really proved themselves and they got the W because of that.

Final: 6-5


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