Baseball Card Worth MILLIONS?

There is a baseball card going on auction this month and it is the Honus Wagner T206.

Image result for honus wagner baseball card t206
Honus Wagner T206 Baseball Card

Honus Wagner played for the Pittsburgh Pirates a long long time ago, from 1897-1917 which makes 21 seasons for this stud. The Pirates consider him one of the most valuable players to the franchise.

He was like an unheard of Babe Ruth (he actually tied hall of fame votes with the great bambino!).  He was known as the “flying dutchman” because of all the bases he stolen bases (723 overall which is an average of 34 per season!).

Honus had a sponsorship with  American Tobacco Co. and HATED it.  For one he completely opposed smoking, probably because he was a great athlete and didn’t want his lungs giving up.  Other rumors say that it was because he just didn’t get payed enough.

There are probably about 10 cards in excellent condition  and this one that is going on auction May 24 by SCP Auctions.

Image result for honus wagner
Honus Wagner

To put in perspective, a similar T206 Card was auctioned off in April of 2015, and was sold for $1.32 million buckaronies. Yup, that’s a lot for a card with a dead guy on it.

I hope I get that rich one day but anyway, this card was a 3/10 condition.  It was probably dropped into a volcano, chewed by a dog, buried for 3 years, and still went for that much. WOW.

This guy’s time was so long ago that they didn’t even have the retro stirrups that I reviewed here!

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