3 MUST HAVE Baseball Accessories

In baseball, it’s not all about the bat, or the glove, it’s about the connection to the player.  The bat is your tool to hit the ball, and the glove is used to catch the ball, but that won’t work as efficiently if you don’t have the tools to bind the player and the tool.

How do you expect to get to 3 from 1, without 2 being there.  These accessories are the glue that bind you and your big boy toys together, like glue.

Well here they are!

1) Pine Tar

Ok in this case, the accessory is actually the glue that puts you and your bat together.  Not only does Pine Tar give you a good grip, but it literally glues your hands to the bat.

If you don’t know what pine tar is, its basically sticky stuff that you put onyour bat to enhance your grip so you can hit dingers easier.

First off, you do not need a wood bat to use this. I always thought why can’t I put this on my metal bat? You can bro, and it helps I promise.

This stuff works the best on one of Mizuno’s wood bats, because of the sanded grip that most of them have. I reviewed the 2014 Bamboo Elite here go check it out.

You can find the one I use right here. It’s literally the best Pine Tar you can get.

2) Prohitter Training Aide

Image result for mlb players using prohitter
Bryce Harper Using a Prohitter Aid

If you look at some of the big hitters in the MLB, they have this on.  I can’t prove to you that this helps anymore. I would buy anything Bryce Harper uses because obviously he’s doing something right!

To explain this a little more, this device forces the bat handle to be in your fingers, where it’s supposed to be. You get more control and better connection with the pitch.

Disclaimer: it does take some getting used to because it feels very weird at first. Some of my friends use it and got used to it the first BP they had and some needed some time.

You WILL get a better swing with this device so get one.  The most popular one you can get here.

3) Stirrup Socks

Image result for pittsburgh pirates retro uniforms
Juan Nicasio just proves my point here!

Ok, these I just think are cool as hell.  You can look like a retro team with these socks.  I promise when you get these you and your team will look flyer than a bird.

These also give some support to your feet and feel like someone’s picking your cleats up for you so its not all about looks here.

Trust me, if you’re trying to bring some confidence to your teammates/players, these are perfect!

Get them here!

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