Tim Tebow Day

Guys I’m gonna be honest, I love Tim Tebow because he’s such an inspiring guy.  No matter how much bash from the media he gets, he’s still the same guy so happy Tim Tebow day!

Lets see how he’s doing…

Tim Tebow Mets
Tim Tebow Shagging Pop-Ups

This time around this super athletic holy-roller has an average of .243 in his first year of the minor leagues. Considering that he hasn’t been focusing on baseball that much in his life that is pretty impressive.  Let us not forget his first at-bat that went over the fence.  That’s something right there you can’t tell me different.

Anyway it is Tim Tebow day at First Energy park, the Mets minor league field.

You heard it here first (5/14/17), I predict that Tim Tebow is going to get some MLB playing time this year with his rising looks.  He is a believer in hard work and I heard that gets you places so he’s gonna get up there I’m telling you.



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