Funniest Scoreboard Prank

Guys, what I am about to show you is one of the funniest scoreboard pranks that I have ever seen (not that I’ve seen that many).

So for a little background, there’s two people involved in this.  There’s Terry Francona who is the manager of the Cleveland Indians at the moment, and there is Kevin Cash who is the manager of the Tampa Bay Rays.

These two jokers have been friends their whole career and like any good friend, they embarrass you as much as they can.

Here it is:

Terry Francona's prank to Kevin Cash
Terry Francona’s prank to Kevin Cash







That is his response to this:

Kevin Cash Prank On Terry Francona
Kevin Cash Prank On Terry Francona







Yea those are pretty crappy averages, even though I couldn’t do anything close to that.  I say that that this is soon going to get out of hand if its already to the point when they are doing this in front of thousands of people.

This is all fun and games no matter what, these friends go back and love each other so they won’t take this personally but it did make all of us have a good laugh. Cash responded to this by saying that “we do have a great friendship and I respect him a lot, I’m very appreciative for everything he has helped me with along my career.”

Cash obviously was the bigger man in this prank but I have a feeling that Francona will get him back one day.

Great to see friendships like this in the MLB.


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