About Me

Hey my name’s Christopher Moskowitz, and I’m a 16 year old entrepreneur that has a big passion for baseball and the internet.  I started buying from the internet before I had a job and it has always been easier to buy online than in stores.  I mean yea you gotta go in sometimes to make sure you got room in those skinny jeans you’re about to buy, or to actually use that $300 bat before you buy it.

The thing is that you go online and have to guess if that one review from that shady guy online is your deciding point of ordering something that costs as much as your last 3 paychecks.  That’s where I come in. I write the best, realistic, legit reviews on baseball gear anywhere.

The baseball community needs someone with a VOICE, not Joe Shmoe that rates something 5 stars and says “It’s great.”  I will not settle for that and you shouldn’t either.

Me warming up the cannon

Iv’e played baseball my whole life and love every part of the sport.  I was mainly a pitcher but also loved the outfield and sometimes got my reps in the dirt.  Some of my experience includes Recreational, Travel, Competitive Club, and High School.  I’ve traveled to different states, stayed in hotels, got training from retired MLB players, so you can say I know my way around.

Me selling over-priced cookies with the game behind me

I love baseball so much that I work at a local minor league team.  Personally I think its the best job for me as a teenager because I’m getting payed to watch some good baseball!  The team is called the Somerset Patriots.


promise you that I will not let you down in the quantity and quality of my reviews and news.  There is no other baseball site like this ( I already checked).  All the other guys have busy sites with garbage/bias reviews, so you don’t know what you’re getting into.  This is me and you just chatting about Americas favorite pastime so make sure you stay here.